Reinvigorate your Sound System

   Over the years, the sound quality coming from your Gold Wings radio has deteriorated to the point you now notice it. The question that comes to mind is “What can I do restore that sound?” Well the crew here at K and G Cycles has the answer – Aftermarket Direct Replacement Speakers. These are not Factory offered speakers, rather a considerable upgrade from the stock configuration. Many aftermarket models use higher end materials and heavier magnets that result in a more powerful speaker that is capable of producing a larger dynamic range. Translation – You will hear parts of songs you never knew existed.

   For those of you rigold-wing-speakersding a 2001-2005 GL1800 we have Front and Rear replacement speakers that will have you “Rockin Down the Highway!” Part # BBP-13-104 are lightweight 2-way speakers that employ a  Butyl rubber surround and a plastic cone offering increased performance as well as superior weather resistance. What you get from theses speakers is 30 watts of RMS power ( the amount a speaker can steadily handle as opposed to peak wattage which can be achieved but not continuously), a suspended tweeter, 4 ohm operation, and are water resistant so they are a perfect motorcycle application. These speakers measure 4-1/2″ in diameter and 2-1/4″ deep so they are a drop in application making the install headache free. For your convenience, these speakers plugs directly into the existing factory wire harness, so there is no slicing required.

   Upgrading or restoring good sound to your older Gold Wing has never been simpler. With a plug and play, drop in application you are short time away from enjoying those tunes again. Contact K and G Cycles and order up your front and or rear replacement speakers today. Your ears will thank you!

A Better Looking Luggage Rack

At some time during our motorcycling careers when we must choose between Sport and Touring. Thankfully the manufacturers decided there needed to be a Sport Touring class and many of us dove in head first. Though we love this unique class of motorcycles, we often find the ability to carry luggage was the sacrifice. With the tour packs gone, the saddlebags are our only refuge to carry our cargo or luggage. For the owners of the Honda Gold Wing F6B, K and G Cycles has found an great solution for your Sport Touring woes. We discovered a good looking luggage rack capable of the big loads, but sleek enough to blend into the smooth lines of the bike.

F6B smoke rack BBP-52-830SK   This rack (Part # BBP-52-830SK) is custom designed to match the graceful lines of the F6B and mounts with either the OEM mount kit or K and G Cycles Part # BBP-52-830M. This mount is used to mount either the rack or backrest or both. If you have the OEM mount in place, the accessory mount is not required. To give equal opportunity to all of our customers, this Luggage Rack is available in either Show Chrome Accessories bright chrome or their exclusive Dark Smoke Chrome finish. Measuring a generous 18-¾” x 12”(approximately 6-½” wider and 2” longer than OEM) this rack accommodates large luggage tour bags with ease. (This includes Part # BBP-4-603 and BBP-H50-106BK Tour Rack Luggage Bags.) Even when it isn’t loaded, this luggage rack is a welcome fixture to any F6B.

   As accessory pieces trickle in for this fairly new motorcycle from Honda, we will keep you up to date so you can have it all for your ride. Adding accessories to your motorcycle should be a great experience that turns into a better one when that accessory ends up being functional as well. When it comes time to personalize your F6B with form and function, turn to K and G Cycles for all your accessory needs.

Utilize the Empty Space on Your Tank

As we head into the new riding season most of us are starting to plan our adventures. Longer rides and trips means packing more gear, a reality we all must face. The Silverstone Tank Bag brought to you by FIRSTGEAR, and available at K and G Cycles, provides you with a good looking solution. This handy Tank Bag provides you more storage space and the added convenience of a map holder as well. Painstakingly developed for motorcycles with a passenger backrest and luggage rack already in use. These tank bags have everything you’d expect from the Pros at FIRSTGEAR and more. With it’s comfortable soft-grip handle for convenient carrying bringing your gear inside has never been easier. Stacked deep with amazing features, this bag is sure to please even the most discerning motorcycle rider.

silverstone tank bag TR-107262    Take a look all the amazing features this bag has waiting for you.

  • Heavy-duty 1680D nylon and 1200D polyester two-tone fabric and carbon fiber-look panels with PVC coating and UV protection.
  • Easy-view grey interior lining.
  • Clear top pocket for map, GPS, PDA or additional storage.
  • 2 outside pockets for easy-access storage.
  • Inside zipped pocket and additional compartments for cell phone, pens, keys, tire gauge, etc…
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle for convenient carrying.
  • Reflective piping and reflective FIRSTGEAR logo.
  • Heavy-duty, easy-pull zippers.
  • Clear rain Cover included.
  • Heavy-duty magnets with non-abrasive/non-slip material on bottom.
  • Quick-strap mounting base for non-magnetic applications sold separately P/N TR-107260.

   FIRSTGEAR has stepped up to the plate to provide you with quality luggage that offers industry leading storage capacity at an attractive price. Improve your road trip organization skills with a new tank bag with map storage. Let the pros at K and G Cycles help you select the right gear for all your riding adventures in the coming season.

A New Season New Chrome

   When it comes to customizing your Valkyrie, Chrome is going to be what most of us reach for. Often little touches make the biggest visual impact and usually won’t break the bank. The fine points can also set you apart from the next guy or even net you that trophy. K and G Cycles has a great selection of Chrome for your ride, but I want to spotlight 2 particular pieces today that can literally be the cherry on top.

BBP-1-326   Adding Chrome where it never was before is easy with this Front fender Extension (Part # BBP-1-326). Finished in show quality chrome, this steel extension will add a luxurious look to that Valkyrie. With the eye catching ribs, this piece now becomes a one of a kind accent. Being unique in a world of reproductions is a tough battle, but when you have K and G on your side it just became a whole lot easier.

   Next I want to share with you Part # BBP-1-237, a Chrome front caliper cover. This Chromed stamped steel piece covers the front brake caliper. Created in the popular raised chrome design, it mounts easily with hardware included. There are a few reasons it is wise to add a caliper cover to your motorcycle.

1) The obvious – You want to add more Chrome to an area on your bike that is begging for it. You may want to dress it up, highlight new wheels, or accent a new paint job.

2) To hide the unsightly cast caliper. Lets face it, from the factory, those puppies are ugly at best. They don’t have to be, install one of these covers and its show time!

3) You want to keep the brake dust to a minimum. Adding a cover can help direct the onslaught of brake dust, keeping it off your rims, off those whitewalls, and in general make clean up a lot easier

   By adding these two Chrome accessories to your Valkyrie, you can take your bike from Hmmm…… to WOW!!!!! Contact your friends at K and G Cycles and turn that Valkyrie into the show stopper it was meant to be!

Compromise on Two Wheels

If you have a factory intercom system on your bike and travel with a passenger you are well aware two of the most common used phrases are “Turn that Down!” or “Can you turn that Up!” K and G Cycles happily introduces a solution to this back and forth game, an inline Volume Control Module available today. Avoid conflict and ensure a peaceful ride for both.

intercom-control1   Everyone adjusts volume differently for their own desired listening levels. K and G Cycles is aware of this and the need for individual control of sound volume while riding. As both rider and passenger most often prefer to regulate their own volume rather than have to meet in the middle this control module is long overdue. After searching high and low, we have stumbled onto a 5 Pin Din Volume Control. This Plug ‘N Play module (Part # BBP-13-206) installs inline between your headset and your motorcycles factory 5 pin din connector. This easy to install module immediately gives the user control of both left and right speakers individually as well as microphone volume control. Even complete silence can be achieved if that is desired. This 3 function volume control is an ideal way to eliminate listening compromises, most assuredly avoiding needless arguments, therefore making the ride much more enjoyable for all. Due to it’s low, low price of $59.95, you can afford to give one as a Birthday gift, Pre-season gift, or just because you understand. Don’t forget to include yourself.

When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the “Too loud, not loud enough, I can’t hear you” game, head over to K and G Cycles and purchase one of these handy volume control modules today. This great little device saved my marriage. Now we ride together more often on longer, more relaxing rides.  $60 well spent in my book.

Add Comfort for Increased Miles

A Touring Bike should afford the most comfort in the Motorcycling World one could imagine. From adjustable footrests, to larger seats, upgradable audio systems and hands free communication, and an often overlooked accessory – Passenger Armrests. No, they aren’t new, unless you own a Can Am Spyder. Add these to your Can Am and your passenger will have the utmost in luxury accommodations.

Spyder pass arm rests BBP-41-159    K and G Cycles  introduces an all new Passenger Armrest system for the Can-Am Spyder RT. These armrests mount underneath the rear of the seat to the frame, providing a very stable and secure anchor point. The positioning of the cast chrome swivel mounts on the side of the passenger seating area maintain a clean line. This also allows the chrome tubular support arms to pivot completely out of the passengers area for easy access to the seat. The armrests match the Smart Mount Backrest, Part # BBP-41-158, and work well together providing both Rider and Passenger with comfort and support.

    Keeping with the notion of increasing passenger comfort, a Honda Gold Wing is a comfortable Touring Machine as well, but there are ways to make it more comfortable for your passenger? K and G Cycles knows full well if your passenger isn’t happy than your ride can be pretty miserable. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen so that is why we carry Passenger Armrest Kits for the passenger on your Gold Wing.

GW pass armrest BBP-52-677A   Part # BBP-52-677A is a set of Armrests that fit 2001-2010 and 2012+ Honda Gold Wings. Covered in OEM matching fabric, these armrests conveniently swing out of the way so your passenger can access the rear seat with relative ease. Installation is simple as the armrests simply bolt to the passenger handles on each side and mount to the frame for a solid mount. For your peace of mind the installation of this kit does not affect Trunk and Saddlebag operation. They can be accessed without removing the armrests. The armrest pads have a 2-1/2″ thick soft foam pad for comfort. Coming in with a dimension of 7″L x 4-1/2″W it is clear to see why these armrests are the preferred choice when it comes to pampering your passenger.

   At K and G Cycles we strive to bring the the latest and greatest in motorcycle parts and accessories. Any time we can enhance the power of your bike or increase the comfort level we take pride in doing so. Adding passenger armrests to your Gold Wing can increase the shared miles and increase the overall enjoyment of owning a your motorcycle. Once you add the armrests, you can then install accessories such as storage pouches and even beverage holders.

Onward to Victory with Great Accessories

We all know Victory is a strong competitor in the motorcycle industry. Some might even say they are giving the folks in Milwaukee a run for their money. Though this may be true, it seems the aftermarket may not be giving them the attention they deserve. Well, your friends at K and G Cycles have started looking for parts and accessories for various Victory models.

victory iso grips    No matter what you ride, the addition of ISO-grips from Kuryakyn make a tremendous difference in comfort. Wrapped in soft ISO rubber these grips provide a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. In case you haven’t figured out, the “ISO” portion of the name is short for Isolator or Isolating. ISO grips are designed to reduce the vibrations sent up from the road, through the tires and up to the handlebars — eliminating the sensation of tired hands when riding for long periods of time. Available for ISO-Grips is a Throttle boss/palm rest that virtually eliminate had cramps, especially on the throttle side. To suit your style, these grips are available in Chrome with Black pads, or Black with Black pads.

victory cycleshade   Up next is an instant shade/cover – Cycle Shade. This handy little number is a half cover or day cover whose original purpose was to reduce seat temperatures, and keep the bike free of dust, dirt, bird aach, tree sap, and other harmful droppings. The happy coincidence is the water repellant material can keep your seat dry too. Designed to install and be removed in under a minute, Cycle Shade is a fast, easy, convenient shelter for your bike. When installed, the tunnel created offers hidden storage for a jacket or 2 and helmets, or other gear you might want to keep out of sight. Packing away into the attached pouch, which is not much bigger than a sandwich bag, the cover takes up very little room on your Victory.

brukus--saddlebag-secure   When it comes to securing your saddlebags and the contents stored inside, there is one name to trust to get the job done, Brukus Motorcycle Parts. A product available from Brukus is Saddlebag Secure. This product removes the weak link in the saddlebag attaching points and replaces them with a security screw and retainer. Should a thief be looking to steel your bags, they are in for a rude a wakening. With the recent spike in saddlebag thefts, Brukus is one company that is taking a stand against thieves and their desire to take from you. No matter if you have soft bags or hard bags they’ve got the right stuff. Let’s face it, you never know what you are going to have in your saddlebags, and because of that, you don’t want thieves to get a hold of that cargo either. Brukus has thwarted numerous attempted thefts and saved their customers a ton of aggravation and deductible dollars. I have them on my motorcycle and besides being secure, they remove a lot of vibration from the bags. Brukus installs in no time and will keep your Victory safe.

   For the owners of Victory Motorcycles, it seems everyday holds new treasures in the Aftermarket Accessory market place. K and G Cycles carries select parts for your Victory for personalization, comfortization, and protection.  Contact us today for all your needs.

The Ins and Outs of Riding Glasses

If you want to get technical, Sunglasses are, “A form of protective eye wear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.”, 1 item motorcyclists all share a need for. It doesn’t matter what you ride –  a Harley, a Gold Wing, you’ve built your own, or you ride a Sport Bike – the sun still gets in our eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, a motorcyclists favorite word in any weather forecast is hands down”Sunny” and we all have sunglasses to protect our vision, but sunglasses designed for riding do so much more than those rack bargains at those big chain stores and that is why K and G Cycles is pleased to offer you a large selection of Premium Riding Sunglasses.

sunglasses  Riding specific glasses offer so many more features than standard ones that the difference in price is quickly justified. Eye protection ascends to new levels as we dissect the sunglasses intended for riding. To begin with, most have a wrap around construction that offers more coverage blocking the sun or airborne debris so when you are traveling the back roads or heading out to the highway your eyes receive the most amount of surface protection possible. The next feature we notice is the foam surround, creating a seal around the eye sockets. This cuts down on side turbulence so air on the eyes is virtually removed and there is far less a chance of debris coming in contact with your eyes. Lenses come in many different colors to suit ones purpose, style. or fashion needs. Here are a few color choice recommendations.

  • Gray and green lenses are considered neutral because they maintain true colors.
  • Brown lenses cause some color distortion, but also increase contrast.
  • Turquoise lenses are good for medium and high light conditions, because they are good at enhancing contrast, but do not cause significant color distortion.
  • Orange and yellow lenses increase both contrast and depth perception. They also increase color distortion. Yellow lenses are used by pilots, boaters, fishers, shooters, and hunters for their contrast enhancement and width perception properties.
  • Blue or purple lenses are mainly cosmetic.

C122 CrystalGrey-Smoke   In addition to purpose driven lens color, most manufacturers strive to make have their sunglasses achieve the high-mass impact status ANSI Z87.1 testing which administers 2 types of testing. 1) A lens retention test in which a high mass object (1.1 lb projectile) is dropped 50″ above the glasses mounted to a headform. To pass no pieces may break free from the inside of the test specimen, the lens cannot fracture,and must remain in the frame or housing . 2) A High Velocity test consisting of a 1/4″ steel ball fired at 20 different impact points with speeds up to 150ft/sec. or 102 MPH. Pass/Fail specs are the same as the high mass test, plus no contact with the eye is permitted through deflection of the lens, meant to simulate particles encountered while grinding, chipping, machining, or other similar types of activities. Thank you for making safety grade sunglasses that look cool too.

Rx Shade    Taking riding glasses even further is the ability to offer prescription lenses for those riders needing them. Being an eyeglass wearer, there was nothing more frustrating than your only options being ride with your regular glasses and deal with the ill effects of the glasses not matching the need, or wear sunglasses and compromise your vision. So thanks to hearing our call and allowing the visually impaired motorcyclists to enjoy the same great protection as the others.

Understanding a need to increase rider comfort and safety, K and G Cycles offers you the highest quality riding glasses on the market at affordable prices. It’s time to ditch those dime store shades and step up to the big league in eye protection. Riding Sunglasses improve visual comfort and clarity by protecting the eye from glare and offer protection against excessive exposure to light and airborne debris.

Security for Your Motorcycle is Top Priority

As we roll head long into the riding season, would be thieves pop up all over the place. By using simple security measures we can thwart a large number of them. At K and G Cycles we know being the victim of theft is never easy to deal with. Whether it is having a part of the bike or the entire bike stolen, it just plain stinks. I will show you today a few simple, effective ways to give you added piece of mind when you can’t be by its side.

rotor-lock   One piece of hardware in the line of theft deterrence is a Disc or Rotor Lock. The idea behind this security implementation is when a disc lock is installed, it prevents the wheels from rolling because you now have a lock on the rotor. Disc locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions, from your basic lock to one that resembles a grenade. All are capable of preventing all but the most creative crook. I do feel I must warn you, using a disc lock can take some getting used to as many have forgotten one was installed on their bike and have tried to leave. Well, you can imagine what followed. A lot of the kits come with a “reminder” cord that is bright orange and stretches from the lock to the handle bars to alert you the lock is still installed. Even if your lock does not include the reminder cord, they cab be purchased for next to nothing.

hitch-coupler-lock   Now for those towing a trailer, not only are you subject to the normal bike or bike parts theft, you have to factor in potential trailer theft too. Well have no fear because that has been addressed too. The TC3 from Trimax,  features a Triple plated chrome finish that provides additional security for your camper, boat or trailer by securing the coupler on your trailer tongue.  Another way to safeguard yourself is to use a high quality padlock on the tongue release lever. A good tip here is to try to use the shortest shank possible so anyone that should try to cut it, has a struggle.

  There is no reason to make it easy on those criminals that would like to make your bike theirs. Check out all of the security devices available for your motorcycle at K and G Cycles and tell them NO! Please keep in mind, no matter how much security you provide your bike , there are are always very resourceful individuals that will go to any length to capture the prize. In addition to the above mentioned Security devices, please use common sense when parking your motorcycle.

A place for Everything at Arms Reach

So you picked out the perfect Cruiser, added Chrome, changed the exhaust, even had it pinstriped, but it still lacks something. Oh yeah, storage! Unless you get one of the big Touring bikes, storage or lack of Storage is something all bikes have in common. On our quest to bring you all the goods to make your bike the best that it can be, K and G Cycles found something new from Hopnel. A handlebar mounted storage pouch that offers a universal fit on almost any motorcycle.

BBP-H50-02BKC Univ Hbar Pouch      Legendary Sewn Products Manufacturer Hopnel has done it again with the latest addition to their line up. The universal fit handlebar pouch, another must have storage pouch system  This Handlebar Pouch measures a generous 8” x 4” x 2” and includes Hopnel’s “digital buddy” clear cellphone pocket system. This cellphone pocket measures 7” x 4” and will accommodate cellphones, MP3 or other devices and loads from the inside of the sleeve keeping Mother Nature out while keeping your devices dry. The clear window also allows for touch screen device operation to insure you retain full capability of your electronics gear you stow in the “Digital Buddy”. For a longer life expectancy, the Clear UV stabilized surface allows easy screen reading and will hold up in the toughest environments.  Installation is a breeze with the 4 adjustable straps that allow this handlebar pouch to be easily attached to most non – fairing motorcycles. How’s that for a design that is made for an often forgotten group of riders.

   Hopnel understands there are more riders out there than the Touring crowd and has stepped up to the plate for then. They also understand that with limited space, most storage items need to pull double duty. Designed with that in mind, this universal mount handlebar pouch offers riders a special pocket for your electronics devices that not only allow you to view them, but operate them as well. Head over to our online store and see this and all of the other great products from Hopnel.

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