The Last Battery You’ll Need

   Have you ever had a day that you’ve gotten off work early, stepped outside and noticed it was 82 degrees, sunny, and it was only 1:30pm on Friday. Sounds like a great start to a great ride. Well it could have been if the battery on your motorcycle wasn’t dead.  You call your local dealership and find out an OEM replacement battery will set you back around $170 plus tax, and only comes with a 1 year warranty.  Before buying your next motorcycle battery, why not check out some of the great batteries from Earth-X that are offered here at K and G Cycles.   I am sure, like us, you will be surprised to discover a Lithium battery that offers more features and benefits, along with an industry leading warranty.

   earth x ETX12AEarth-X Lithium batteries come with a 2 year non-prorated warranty. That is 1 year (another riding season) longer than the competitors. They offer approximately 70%-80% weight reduction over your traditional lead acid/AGM battery, extreme temperature operating range, and a LONG service life of roughly 2000 charge/discharge cycles. In addition these batteries offer a longer storage life so in the off season they don’t need to be charged. If you do discharge them, they only need about an hour to fully recharge. Lithium batteries need to have each cell monitored, balanced, and charged, and most manufacturers require you to purchase a separate balancing charger that you have to plug in to do this. Earth-X has an on board microprocessor management system that handles all that. The system monitors each cell, balances the charge, and keeps the cells from overcharging or over dis-charging. This keeps your battery more stable, giving you longer battery life, even more cranking power. Even with all that inner technical wizardry going on, they are environmentally friendly.

  earthx in the boxSo in comparison, the competitors OEM replacement is $170 plus tax with a 1 year warranty, and requires constant monitoring, while the Earth-X replacement with a 2 year warranty starts out at $239, comes with the on board management system, shaves weight, and is “Green”. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your battery, an Earth-X Lithium battery from K and G Cycles  is an excellent choice that is light on weight, heavy on features, is tough enough to offer twice the warranty, and doesn’t require add on purchases.

 Don’t forget to stop in and see these batteries for yourself at the booth located in the heart of K and G Cycles Thunder Alley at Daytona Speedway.

Speedway Motorsports Provide Pure Protection

   It is always a good day when we are notified by our suppliers they have redesigned a product and improved its effectiveness. K and G Cycles recently received notice from Speedway Motorsports Shelters that a simple part change has led to improved watershed and internal clearance on their Instant Shelters.

   Here is the press release directly from Speedway Motorsports Shelters: Santa Cruz, CA.- In a constant effort to improve the entire line of Speedway Motorsport Shelters products, the engineers have made an excellent revision to our ever popular retractable shelters. Simple, yet extremely effective, the best just got better! 

   Here you can see this simple change will make all the difference in extreme weather. 
   By using the new new speedway bowsarched design on the top three cross members, the Speedway Shelter will shed rain, snow, and anything that comes down in a much more efficient manner. As seen below, in addition to external aspect and functionality of the design, it will also allow for more internal clearance facilitating even higher windshields, handlebars, and mirror heights when the bike is parked in the unit.

old and new shelters   As you can see there is a visible arch to the roof of the revamped shelters. This has led to increased interior clearance as well as a greater amount of element deflection on the outside. Sometimes when a product is “redesigned” quality in other areas tends to be overlooked. This is not the case with the Speedway Motorsports Shelter. They have not missed a beat with this upgrade. In fact it is better than ever. Check out the complete line at K and G Cycles.

K and G Cycles Launches Third Year in Partnership with Daytona International Speedway

Daytona Beach, Florida (March 3, 2015) – K and G Cycles, your one-stop, online motorcycle parts and accessories superstore, is launching their third year in partnership with Daytona International Speedway during Bike Week 2015. K and G Cycles’ Thunder Alley at DAYTONA will host all of the V-twin motorcycle action.

“This year we’re bringing more product, hosting more giveaways and providing more tech advice than ever before,” said George M. Marakas, K and G Cycles’ owner. “The Daytona International Speedway is the most-visited location during Daytona Bike Week, and Thunder Alley sits at the heart of it. It’s a big responsibility, and we can’t wait!”

“We’re excited to once again partner with the leader in online motorcycle parts and accessories,” said Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood III. “K and G Cycles’ Thunder Alley gets better every year and we have an fun-filled schedule of activities planned for bike enthusiasts visiting the Speedway.”

Look for the new K and G Cycles giant arched balloon at the entrance to Thunder Alley. There will be a slew of giveaways off the stage, and make sure to visit the K and G booth to register for a $500 K and G Cycles shopping spree, as well as get your hands on free K and G swag. In addition, K and G Cycles will have customer-service techs on hand to answer any parts- or motorcycle-related questions; visit with current customers to discuss their motorcycle needs; and help customers order parts that’ll be waiting for them when they return home. And folks can enjoy computer kiosks that allow for the viewing of a vast array of parts and the ordering of products and accessories. Featured vendors and products include Brukus Security, for latches and security add-ons; Bone Mountain Leather accessories; EarthX lithium batteries; Speedway Shelters; and the famous K and G Cycle Shade.

The K and G Cycles team is also planning a number of events at K and G Cycles’ Thunder Alley at DAYTONA, including giveaways, vintage motorcycle displays, fashion events, and special guests. If you can’t make bike week this year, be sure to go online and visit the K and G Cycles blogs to keep up with all the action. K and G Cycles will post videos, pictures and stories about all the major Rally happenings at and

About K and G Cycles
With more than 5,000 categories of parts from over 700 manufacturers and eight major motorcycle parts wholesalers, K and G Cycles guarantees that you will find exactly what you need for your project. K and G’s goal is to provide its customers with the widest possible selection of American and foreign-made motorcycle parts, as well as clothing, apparel and gear at prices you simply will not believe. Driven by the love of motorcycling and the idea of creating a new kind of shopping experience within this marketplace, K and G Cycles has streamlined the buying process while offering competitive pricing and great customer service. Visit K and G Cycles on the Web at or call 888-50K-ANDG (5-2634). You can also follow all the happenings at K and G on Facebook (, YouTube (, Google+ (, or Twitter (

Extend Your Ride with Better Protection

gold wing windshield  Last season after returning from your inaugural, multiple day journey astride your new Gold Wing, you discovered along the way the factory windshield really didn’t offer you as much protection as you thought it should. What do you do now? You contact your friends at K and G Cycles and pick out  a new one from great selection of replacement windshields available for your Honda Gold Wing.

   Let’s face it, we all love the wind in our face, but not for 300-500 miles at a time. We don’t realize it before it’s too late, but that mild wind whip can be a definite source of rider fatigue and turn the pleasure cruise into tiresome travels. The easiest way to fight the daily beating is to install a new windshield that offers more coverage allowing you to enjoy your ride. Many of the replacement windshields are available in extended sizes up to 3 1/2″ taller and up to 3 1/2″ wider. This offers the rider better protection from the wind and elements. Manufactured from extremely strong 3/16″ thick transparent Lucite and DOT approved, these replacements deliver the best in optical clarity. Not only do you reduce the pressure from the wind, you also increase your protection from airborne road debris. This is especially important when cruising down the expressway. As you will find out, upgraded windshields not only increase rider comfort, the passenger reaps the benefits too. The added height and width help redirect the air around rider and passenger delivering more comfort and less fatigue on those long runs.

   Do yourself and your passenger a favor and let the good people at K and G Cycles help you select the windshield that is right for you. It could be the difference between wanting to ride and missing out on a great adventures.

A Sensible way to Rack Up The Miles

   At some point during our motorcycling careers we must make a choice between Sport and Touring. Thankfully the manufacturers decided there needed to be a Sport Touring class and many of us dove in head first. Though we love this unique class of motorcycles, we often find the ability to carry luggage was the sacrifice. With the tour packs gone, the saddlebags are our only refuge to carry our cargo or luggage. For the owners of the Honda Gold Wing F6B, K and G Cycles has found an great solution for your Sport Touring woes. We discovered a good looking luggage rack capable of the big loads, but sleek enough to blend into the smooth lines of the bike.

F6B smoke rack BBP-52-830SK   This rack (Part # BBP-52-830SK) is custom designed to match the graceful lines of the F6B and mounts with either the OEM mount kit or K and G Cycles Part # BBP-52-830M. This mount is used to mount either the rack or backrest or both. If you have the OEM mount in place, the accessory mount is not required. To give equal opportunity to all of our customers, this Luggage Rack is available in either Show Chrome Accessories bright chrome or their exclusive Dark Smoke Chrome finish. Measuring a generous 18-¾” x 12”(approximately 6-½” wider and 2” longer than OEM) this rack accommodates large luggage tour bags with ease. (This includes Part # BBP-4-603 and BBP-H50-106BK Tour Rack Luggage Bags.) Even when it isn’t loaded, this luggage rack is a welcome fixture to any F6B.

   As accessory pieces trickle in for this fairly new motorcycle from Honda, we will keep you up to date so you can have it all for your ride. Adding accessories to your motorcycle should be a great experience that turns into a better one when that accessory ends up being functional as well. When it comes time to personalize your F6B with form and function, turn to K and G Cycles for all your accessory needs.

The Coolest Luggage For Your Ride

As we plan our vacations, extended rides and weekend getaways, one aspect we seem to finding more and more attractive is bringing along our own food and drinks. To do this effectively, we need some type of cooler to contain our perishables. The aftermarket world has caught onto this and has come up with some pretty interesting approaches. We’ve sifted through them and have made available at K and G Cycles the few that have risen to the top.

   First up iunik-9324-PLs this cavernous sissy bar bag measuring 15″ x 13″ x 6.5″, capable of carrying a days worth of goodies. A stylish leather looking bag made of PVC giving it durability for years of service. Available in a plain (UNIK-9324.PL) or studded version (UNIK-9324.00) to match your bikes theme, decor, personality or whatever you call it. Though this bag was intended to be used on sissy bars, it can be attached to a tour pack luggage rack also. Due to its size, if you are flying solo you can also stash it between you and the passenger backrest so you don’t eat up valuable luggage rack space.

   Next for youBM-Cooler-004r consideration is the Tour Pak Cooler (Part # BM-COOLER) from Bone Mountain Motorcycle Gear. Designed to provide you cooling for up to 24 cans and still give you room in your Tour Pack. Built in to the lid is the easy-access pocket that allows for quick retrieval of chilled items. In addition to the zippered main compartment, there is also a zippered front compartment. To keep the pressures of 24 cans plus ice from taking its toll, Backsaver technology is employed to combat the associated strain of a loaded cooler. To keep your gear in the Tour Pack safe, an Ultra Safe leak-proof PEVA lining is utilized. Best of all when you aren’t using it, the cooler collapses for easy storage.

   These are 2 great options for bringing along items that need to be kept cool and they won’t compromise your storage capabilities. Stylish, effective, handy, and best of all priced right. Contact K and G Cycles today and be prepared for your next excursion with your special PB&J or Club Sandwich and favorite beverage.

The Answer to Roadside Breakdowns

   How many times have you been on a ride and you or someone in your group needs a tool or two, only to find you only have a screwdriver and 2 allen wrenches? K and G Cycles is the one place that can change all that for you. You need the Bike Master 17 piece tool kit, (Part #TR-151553) a full set of tools neatly stacked in a small zippered pouch, that fits in just about any nook and cranny.

metric tool kit tr-151553   Portable tools that can be stowed in just about any spot. We all know storage space on a motorcycle is as critical as the fuel in the tank, and the good folks at Bike Master know this too. Designed to fit in most of the original factory locations, this tool kit contains everything you need for those roadside repairs, without sacrificing any storage space. This tool kit contains the most commonly used tools and sizes for your Metric Ride. Because there is so much in this handy kit, you need to make sure your puzzle assembly skills are top notch. When it comes time to use it, you will be amazed with the versatility of the included tools and just how easy they are to use.

  • Open ended wrenches: 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17mm sizes
  • 10mm combination wrench
  • 6” adjustable wrench
  • 3/8” drive ratchet wrench
  • Locking pliers
  • Pen type tire gauge
  • 5 cable ties
  • Electrical wire
  • Mechanic’s safety wire
  • 10 piece metric hex key set (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8 and 10mm sizes)
  • Flashlight
  • 6-in-1 screwdriver
  • 16,18 and 21mm spark plug socket
  • Spark plug gap gauge
  • Electrical tape
  • Tool bag

   It is rather evident the folks at Bike Master are motorcyclists, because there is no way anybody but motorcyclists could figure out just how to include the right tools for the job, and pack it all in such a small container. Pick up your peace of mind today at K and G Cycles and be prepared for those unexpected moments when you are miles from nowhere and something bad happens.

Pamper Your Passenger with Armrests

There is no doubt a Honda Gold Wing is a comfortable Touring Machine, but did you know there are ways to make it even more comfortable for your passenger? K and G Cycles knows full well if your passenger isn’t happy than your ride can turn out to be pretty miserable. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen so that is why we carry Passenger Armrest Kits for the passenger on your Gold Wing.

GW pass armrest BBP-52-677A   Part # BBP-52-677A (shown here) is a set of Armrests that fit 2001-2010 and 2012+ Honda Gold Wings. Covered in OEM matching fabric, these armrests conveniently swing out of the way so your passenger can access the rear seat with relative ease. Installation is simple as the armrests simply bolt to the existing passenger handles on each side as well as mounting to the frame for a solid mount. For your peace of mind the installation of this kit does not affect Trunk and Saddlebag operation. They can be accessed without removing the armrests. The armrest pads have a 2-1/2″ thick soft foam pad for comfort. Coming in with a dimension of 7″L x 4-1/2″W, it is clear to see why these armrests are the preferred choice when it comes to pampering your passenger along the miles.

At K and G Cycles we strive to bring you the the latest and greatest in motorcycle parts and accessories. Any time we can enhance the power of your bike or increase the comfort level we take pride in doing so. When you add passenger armrests to your Gold Wing you can increase the shared miles and increase the overall enjoyment of owning your motorcycle. Once you have add the armrests, you can then install more comfort accessories such as storage pouches and even beverage holders.

Dual Personality Windshield

Have you ever wanted more wind in your face? Have you ever wanted less wind in your face? What if you could compromise and have both? You’d probably think it was a joke right? Well K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has a windshield that delivers on both without having to have two different windshields. The Adjustable Flip Windshield offers dual height configurations that can be change with relative ease wherever you may be.

   flip windshield 2The unique Flip Adjustable Windshield is actually a two part windshield that is made from DOT approved, aircraft quality Lucite Acrylic that is 3/16″ thick. The lower section is dark smoke while the flip portion is clear. The upper portion is designed to be flipped in seconds from its hiding spot located behind the lower portion of the windshield. When raised to its extended position above the lower portion increasing the overall height. BBP-20-128 is available for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing and goes from 9-1/2” to 21-1/4” in a matter of seconds. Each windshield comes with two sets of hardware, use the quick release thumb screws or blind mount allen head cap bolts.

flip windshield BBP-20-128   We also have models available for 1988-2000 GL1500 Gold Wing models with coverage ranging from 10.5″ – 21.5″ (BBP-20-125) and also for 2009 + Kawasaki VN 1700 Vaquero/Voyager that ranges in height from 8″ to 12.5″ (BBP-20-120). With the addition of one of these “Flip Windshields” you will experience 2 different bike. One that lets you cruise around town, wind in your face on bike with a low profile stance. The other is the one you would want on an extended ride or trip that offers greater protection. The best part is you can make the switch to either one in the blink of an eye. To see more, head over to K and G Cycles and check ‘em out.

Bright, Efficient Lighting for Less

At some point in our riding career, we will replace the headlights on our motorcycles and scratch our heads as to which ones to install. Do we stick with the OEM replacement unit? Do we upgrade to a Plasma or HID light? We even have to consider an LED replacement these days. At K and G Cycles our goal is to provide you the best value for your hard earned dollar and sometimes that means searching all over the place to do so. Well, in our travels we have found an affordable priced LED headlight replacement bulb for your Honda Gold Wing GL1500.

BBP-10-105 LED Replacement Bulb    If you want the brilliance and clarity of LED lighting but the price of it scares you away, we have the solution. Part # BBP-10-105 is a condenser style constant current LED bulb that is a direct replacement for the standard H4 bulb found on GL1500s (1988-1997) Headlights. This bulb features 16 high capacity 5 watt LEDs circling this new H4 replacement as well as a condenser lens to greatly enhance the brightness. This is truly an exceptional 80 watt LED bulb. Designed to fit GL1500 Gold Wings 1988-97, this will work as a replacement for any other H4 application. With a price tag under $60 this should be an easy decision.

BBP-10-104_1_LED Replacement Bulb     Now if we the replaced the center light and left the outer ones alone, we wouldn’t be doing much good. Have no fear, we have LED replacements for the outer lights too. A condenser lens constant current LED bulb (Part # BBP-10-104) replaces the standard GE # 192-T 3 ¼ wedge base 5 watt position light bulb as used on the GL1500 Gold Wing front lighting system. This custom designed LED bulb has (5) 5 watt condenser lensed LED’s that come together to give you a whopping 25 watts, all in an LED bulb measuring only 32mm (1¼”) long. This condenser lens LED fits directly into the OEM outer light position sockets on all years of the GL1500 Gold Wing (1988-2000). Since they are sold as a single unit, 2 are required for the GL1500. These bulbs also fit as replacements for most other uses of T 3 ¼ wedge bulbs. For less than $25 each, you can increase your visual footprint dramatically and still stay within your budget.

   Updating your lighting shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With LED bulb replacements from K and G Cycles you can get the job done for around $100. Increasing your safety by installing cleaner, brighter lights has never been closer than it is right now. Shop on over and get ready yo see a whole new light when it comes to your motorcycle.

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